Einstein Stamp
If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
- Albert Einstein

about stephen bair

A bona fide code warrior, Stephen was designing great customer experiences before he knew there was a word for it. He feeds his passion for simple, easy-to-use web interaction by solving digital roadblocks in creative ways.

His career took off in 2005 after helping launch a major brand redesign for XM Satellite Radio. Later, he led a bi-coastal team of developers for eBay Enterprise, delivering multi-million dollar website redesigns and updates for clients such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kenneth Cole, Levi Strauss, Toys R Us, and many other top brands and retailers around the world. A natural-born problem squasher, Stephen digs his gig because it’s all about finding the right technology and mastering it to generate results for clients.

When he’s off the clock, you can find Bair snowboarding, motorcycling and volunteering as a “Mr. Fix-It” at his small town community theater. And oh, earning a United States patent or two.